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Sir David King Lecture for CCLS

Sir David King speaking at COP21 - "We the planets people are fighting for our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren. That doesn't sell very well!" Watch Sir David's lecture on Climate Repair on the 14th February at 7:00pm (GMT). The lecture will be live-streamed on this website. Join our mailing list to get an update.

Join us for: Lecture 1: Professor Sir David King will discuss Climate Repair



This year has been a seminal year for awareness of climate change. However, if we're going to confront the climate crisis, we need to do something. Now is the Time For Action.


Join us for the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2020 #CCLS2020 where we will explore what we need to do now to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Every lecture will feature a short video from Fridays for Future ( with climate strikers from around the world.


1. Mike Berners-Lee
Title: There Is No Planet B
Thursday 13th February 7pm
2. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
COP26, Climate Justice & Law
Thursday 20th February 7pm
3. Dr Nick Watts
Title: Climate Change and Public Health: From Threat to Opportunity
Thursday 27th February 7pm


4. Jeremy Leggett
Title: The Search for High-Traction Climate-Campaign Action: Lessons and Hopes After 25 Years on the Front Lines
Thursday 5th March 7pm


5. Martin Rees, Bryony Worthington, Partha Dasgupta, Emily Shuckburgh, Oliver Morton
Climate Change and Biodiversity: Time For Action
Thursday 12th March 7.30pm *Babbage Lecture Theatre*
Greta Thunberg - Unite Behind The Science

Watch the live stream from COP25

CCLS organiser Kim van Daalen has been at COP25 in Madrid with the World Health Organisation campaigning for more recognition of how the climate crisis is also a climate health crisis. There have been many events highlighting the impacts on human health that are already occurring and expected to rise in the future as climate change impacts intensify.

The world's leading climate scientists warned this year that we only have 12 years left for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which risks of droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty will significantly worsen for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. However, the current levels of commitments bring the course of the world to a disastrous 3C warming. While time and carbon budgets are running out, the question is "Can we fix Climate Change?". 

Therefore we are thrilled to announce that the  2019 Cambridge Climate Lecture Series is back with the theme "Climate Change: can we fix it?". Like last years the aim of the Series is to dramatically increase the level of public interest and engagement on the topic of climate change. 

Our lecture format will feature guest speakers who will each present their take on a particular aspect of climate change within 2019's theme. 

Apart from an audience in Cambridge, we hope to reach out to many of you throughout the world via our live-streaming. Provided you have internet access, you should be able to follow events in real time. There will be opportunities for both our local and online audiences to ask questions and we very much encourage you to participate on social media using #CCLS2018.

Stay tuned as speakers will be announced in the following days! 

Professor John Schellnhuber - Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research PIK

Interview with Professor Schellnhuber, advisor to the German Government, EU and Vatican on climate change. Here he discusses why we need a nonlinear response to climate change, itself a nonlinear problem.