This year has been a seminal year for awareness of climate change. However, if we're going to confront the climate crisis, we need to do something. Now is the Time For Action.


Join us for the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2020 #CCLS2020 where we will explore what we need to do now to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Every lecture will feature a short video from Fridays for Future ( with climate strikers from around the world.


1. Mike Berners-Lee
Title: There Is No Planet B
Thursday 13th February 7pm
2. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
COP26, Climate Justice & Law
Thursday 20th February 7pm
3. Dr Nick Watts
Title: Climate Change and Public Health: From Threat to Opportunity
Thursday 27th February 7pm


4. Jeremy Leggett
Title: The Search for High-Traction Climate-Campaign Action: Lessons and Hopes After 25 Years on the Front Lines
5. Martin Rees, Bryony Worthington, Partha Dasgupta, Emily Shuckburgh, Oliver Morton
Climate Change and Biodiversity: Time For Action