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Martin Rees, Bryony Worthington, Partha Dasgupta, Emily Shuckburgh, Oliver Morton

Climate Change and Biodiversity: Time For Action 


Jeremy Leggett

Title: The Search for High-Traction Climate-Campaign Action: Lessons and Hopes After 25 Years on the Front Lines

Title: Climate Change and Public Health: From Threat to Opportunity


Mike Berners Lee No planet B - CCLS2020 - Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

There is no Planet B - Mike Berners-Lee gives a live talk on consumption and carbon footprints.

Katherine Hayhoe - Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2019

Mitigate, Adapt or Suffer: Connecting Global Change to Local Impacts and Solutions


Watch live online: Professor Chris Rapley CBE will discuss with Dr. Helen Czerski and Prof. Tim Lenton, the work and life of James Lovelock. Lovelock will join the discussion by way of prerecorded interview segments, recorded especially for this session in March 2019.

This event will take place as part of the Cambridge Science Festival in conjunction with #CCLS2019.