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We are delighted to announce the winners of 2018 Cambridge Climate Frontline Programme

We would like to congratulate all the applicants, as there were lots of very good projects and ideas.


If Not Us Then Who is a global awareness campaign working with local communities to strengthen indigenous content production across the tropical forest belt, (Indonesia, the Congo, Mesoamerica, the Amazon Basin). This specific project will be about creating documentaries to highlight the role that indigenous play in protecting our planet by documenting local territorial struggles.

If Not Us Then Who




Twitter: @IfNotUs_ThenWho


Gideon Commey

Gideon is a highly experienced and driven environmental activist based in Ghana who has worked tirelessly to highlight and publicise climate injustice both within his country and internationally. His current project involves recording the testimonies and experiences of frontline communities in Africa facing the impact of climate change for a documentary which will highlight African traditional conservational ideas.




Twitter: @wrathymarcel

Kathleen Lei Limayo

Kathleen is an experienced documentary filmmaker and photographer working in the Philippines to highlight indigenous knowledge systems and local environmental protection. She has worked with renowned organisations, such as WWF and Her current project will involve collecting the voices from different indigenous groups in the Philippines (the Panay Bukidnon, the Dumagat, the Bajao and the Ivatan) looking at how extreme weather has affected their livelihoods and communities through documentary films and photo essays.

Kathleen paop




Caribbean Organization of Indigenous Peoples - Miguel van der Velden

The Caribbean Organization of Indigenous Peoples (COIP) advocates for the Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean and help facilitate networking between Caribbean Indigenous communities/organizations and similar movements throughout the world. Miguel will spend 6 months inmersed in the Wayuu community. During this time he will reconnect with the culture of his ancestors while documenting his experience in research and literary pieces.



Sustain Solutions - Anoka Abeyrathne

Anoka is Co-founder and director of Sustain Solutions, a youth-led mission to solve social and environmental issues through community participation. As part of the project, Sustain Solutions will record a short documentary on the daily struggles of communities in south asia caused by rising social injustices and ecological degradation exacerbated by a growing waste problem originating from other countries.


Twitter: @AnokaAbe