Allison Cobb - Plastic An Autobiography - Book interview

In this episode of Shaping The Future, I speak with author, Allison Cobb, about her new book titled ‘Plastic - An Autobiography’.

With poetic sensitivity, Allison explores the complexity of how plastic has become part of our lives and how this material, that can endure for generations, has been wilfully categorised as a ‘single use’ disposable product becoming as ubiquitous as food with a highly toxic indigestible after-life.

This autobiography is also personal, linking the horrendous WW2 invasion of Poland with her ancestors who also worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory on the now infamous Manhattan Project to create the first atomic bomb.

This is a story about complexity, personal journey and the plasticity of of all life as we venture forth into the next big existential challenge of preventing climate and ecological collapse. 


Buy 'Plastic - An Autobiography' by Allison Cobb on Amazon here.

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