Striving for an equitable pathway to the future | Saffran Mihnar

In this episode of Shaping The Future, I am speaking with the Director of Development and Communications at EarthLanka, Saffran Mihnar. Saffran is an advocate for climate solutions focused on communication, campaigning, and policy negotiations. 

In this discussion, we discuss the struggles ahead for any journey towards zero or even net emissions.

The UN Conference of the Parties (or COP) process is over a quarter of a century old and has achieved little by way of reducing global emissions but as a regular participant, Saffran offers a voice that speaks to people like me as to why we have to redouble our efforts and start on a real journey to try and save the global commons.

A big part of this journey is about climate justice for those in the least developed and developing nations. Consumption in rich countries is currently a death sentence, first for the poorest on Earth, and eventually the majority of us. 

We discuss why aligning our personal and human interests with those of the wider world and ecology is, in the long run, good for all of us.

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