Holly jean Buck talks to Oliver Morton
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Following a successful lecture series, CCLS now seeks to amplify the voices of those hit the hardest by climate change, subjected to climate injustice on a daily basis. In this way, the Frontline Programme hopes to highlight the associated socio-political issues, challenging the ethics of a universal problem. Shifting from the more technical science behind climate change presented in the Climate Lecture Series, the Frontline Programme gives a platform to the communities actually suffering from – and thereby truly understanding - the very real impacts of climate change. Ultimately, those least responsible for climate change are suffering its gravest consequences. And, while they display some of the most innovative ways of combating it, they should not be the sole bearers of its burden.

The Cambridge Climate Frontline Programme intends to showcase an alternative narrative, enabling us to learn from the values of frontline communities which place the ‘Environment’ at the centre of their culture. If you (as an individual, or as part of an organisation) believe that your contribution to this narrative is one that we should hear, then follow the link below to apply for the Frontline Grant!

The Programme will provide a budget of up to £2500 for the selected individuals and / or organisations to carry out a self-managed, independent communication programme. Let us know how you might use this to further your own work!

The deadline for applications is 20th Mayl 2019.

Image credit: If Not Us Then Who (winners of the 2018 Frontline grant).